State Visit to China has fur on the program

24 April 2014Markets

Emneord China


With sustainability as the main theme for the tour Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark and four Danish ministers have arrived today in Beijing, China. The State Visit includes a visit to Kopenhagen Fur partner, Tsinghua University.

Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark and His Royal Highness the Prince Consort arrived in Beijing at April 24th for their first State Visit in China ever. In 1979 they went there for an Official Visit and now, 35 years later, for a State Visit. This happens only two years after the former president of China, Hu Jintao, visited Denmark, which only emphasizes the ever growing relationship between the two countries.

The State Visit will focus on the wide Danish-Chinese collaboration. Therefore it is most relevant for the royal couple to look at fur, which is a Danish success in China.

Fur is Denmark's biggest export good to China. About a third of the total export from Denmark to China is fur. The growing economy in China gives more people the opportunity to buy a fur as a symbol of wealth and economic strength.

HRH Prince Henrik will visit the Tsinghua University which Kopenhagen Fur has a design- and learning partnership with.

Four Danish ministers will also be present during the State Visit. Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard, Trade and Development Minister Mogens Jensen, Food and Agriculture Minister Dan Jørgensen and Minister for Higher Education and Science Sofie Carsten Nielsen will all visit Danish companies and partnerships in China.

The Regent Couple will be in China until April 28.