Seal skins still face challenges

11 April 2014Auction

Emneord Seal

During Kopenhagen Fur's April auction seal skins were once again under the hammer. The sale underlines the importance of spreading the message of the Inuit exception.

- I have to admit, that we had hoped for larger sales, says Lars Berg, CEO at Great Greenland.

During Kopenhagen Fur's auctions in December and February seal skins managed to obtain reasonable prices, however, during the April auction the prices for Harp Seal was approximately 12 % lower.

- The challenge is to reverse the market. We entered the market when the prices began to drop. This current market means that many buyers are currently focusing on mink skins because they are slightly cheaper now. In addition to this, there are still many prejudices concerning seal skins. Many buyers and consumers are still not acquainted with the Inuit exception, that allows Greenlandic hunters to hunt seal and sell skins, Lars Berg explains.

Important knowledge

Lars Berg admits that there is much work ahead.

- We have to increase the buyers', the producers' and consumers' knowledge about seal skins. They have to become used to the product, he says.

Following the sale of seal skins in December, Lars Berg made it clear that it would be necessary to examine and learn more about what is in demand by the buyers. As the season progresses it is becoming increasingly clearer that the buyers prefer the shorthaired type - Harp Seal. Whereas the Ring Seal, which has longer hairs, is not in equal demand.

- This is important knowledge, that we can use in future sales strategies, Lars Berg concludes.