Namibian officials visit Kopenhagen Fur

10 April 2014Auction

Emneord Swakara


Today's sale of Swakara was visited by Dr Malan Lindeque, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Trade and Industry as well as Mr Joseph Iita, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry. They were both here to learn more about the sale of Swakara and to show their support to the product.


- We came here today because we understand and appreciate that Kopenhagen Fur is the centre of fur trade that specializes in the fur type that we produce in Namibia, Dr Malan Lindeque says.

- Namibia has landscapes that are very arid with low production of high value products. So we need to support this part of our agriculture and industry. In recent years we have seen that there is an increased interest among Namibian farmers in producing Swakara, so this is something we would also like to support. But in order to do this we need to learn more about the product itself and the auction house, he adds.

- That means we want to understand the buyers, the market variations from year to year, the grading system and how marketing is handled, says Malan Lindeque.

The best choice

His colleague Mr Joseph Iita agrees and explains that Namibia faces challenges when it comes to producing Swakara but that the government and local farmers have ambitions of increasing the production.

-   We want Swakara to be the best choice for the consumer and continue to make plans that will support an increase in the production of Swakara. We are currently looking into innovative farming methods that will make it easier to produce food for the sheeps, Mr Joseph Iita says.

- Research is therefore also important which is why we have a research farm where we constantly try to improve certain breeds of Swakara, he adds.

Swakara faces similar challenges as other skins in the market but in spite of this the two Namibian officials feel that the visit to Kopenhagen Fur was beneficial.

- We used to have a larger production of Swakara in Namibia, but now it's only half of what we used to produce. So we need to increase the production and that is a challenge. The goal of the government is to support a production increase and ideas that will improve quality.

Handled professionally

It is of course important to realise that the ultimate decision maker is the buyer. So the market decides the price and currently the market faces challenges that influence the sale but so far I am satisfied with what I have seen today, Mr Joseph Iita says.

- Everything is handled very professionally and in good spirit. In that sense we feel that it is very satisfactory, Dr Malan Lindeque says.