Kopenhagen Fur to Sell North American Black Mink

16 October 2013Auction

TagsAAAKopenhagen Fur

Kopenhagen Fur to Sell North American Black MinkThe world's largest auction house, Kopenhagen Fur, will offer North American black mink from next season. The skins will be sold under a new label, AAA - America Arctic Atlantic, also known as Triple A, which reflects the superlative quality of the skins.

Kopenhagen Fur honors rising researcher

15 October 2013


Kopenhagen Fur honors rising researcherA new grant for bright and young researchers was established at the annual Theme Day for Fur Animal Research which was held at the University of Aarhus. The grant was established to attract young talents within fur animal research.

Beyond Nature: A Story of Fur and Wood

11 October 2013Fashion & Lifestyle


Beyond Nature: A Story of Fur and WoodA unique art and design exhibition opened officially at the Beijing Times Art Museum on September 28, in Beijing's central business district of Chaoyang.

End of record season

23 September 2013Auction

TagsRecord season

End of record seasonThe September auction was the end of yet another record season. Before the start of the auction, we expected that at this auction, we would see a slight decrease in the otherwise record high skin prices.

Kopenhagen Fur and the pej group sets fur trend in China

19 September 2013Fashion & Lifestyle

Tagspej gruppen

Kopenhagen Fur and the pej group sets fur trend in ChinaA new partnership between Kopenhagen Fur and the pej group - scandinavian trend institute, has resulted in the release of a trend book for fashion and fur people in the Chinese market. The purpose is to educate, develop and raise the Chinese level of design and fashion.

The farmer who started collecting skins

19 September 2013Fur farming


The farmer who started collecting skinsFor 28 years Peter Smit had a mink farm in Canada. He began to sell his skins at Kopenhagen Fur's auctions in 2008. Today he lives on the Spanish island Ibiza and works as a skin collector for Kopenhagen Fur in North America.

From glamorous Beverly Hills to Glostrup

19 September 2013Markets

TagsBeverly Hillsglobal markets

From glamorous Beverly Hills to Glostrup35 participants from all over the world graduated from Kopenhagen Fur's June Sorting Course. One of the students was eighteen year old Californian Maria Pappas, who, even though she grew up with the business, attended the course to learn more about fur.

From anti-fur to fur farmer

19 September 2013Fur farming


From anti-fur to fur farmerIn her younger days, Catherine Moores took every opportunity to preach about anti-animal use. Today, she is a mink farmer with 12,000 breeding animals in Newfoundland, and this year for the first time, she shipped some of her skins to Kopenhagen Fur for the first time.

Nordic architecture for Liaoyang

14 August 2013Markets

TagsKopenhagen FurChinaLiaoyang

Nordic architecture for LiaoyangThe authorities of the Chinese town Liaoyiang have chosen a Danish architect company to design the city's future fur design center. Kopenhagen Fur has been the catalyst for the joint venture and will act as a future creative partner for the design center.

The World Ballet in Denmark kicked off in beautiful setting

16 July 2013Fashion & Lifestyle

TagsThe World Ballet in Denmark

The World Ballet in Denmark kicked off in beautiful settingThe first of five evenings with beautiful and inspiring ballet and classical music was held next to the Sand-covered Church in Skagen, Denmark which, as the sun went down behind the sandy dunes, proved to be the perfect setting for outdoor ballet. Kopenhagen Fur is sponsor at the annual World Ballet in Denmark.

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