Industry Elites Gathered in Established Platform

31 October 2013Markets

Emneord Tsinghua University


37 business owners and executives within the fur fashion industry gathered in Tsinghua & Kopenhagen Fur Studio to witness the 4th Tsinghua University-Kopenhagen Fur Executive Education's opening.


After having been developed for three years this education program has acquired a widespread recognition. Through seven months study, the fur executives will polish their management thought  and expand business relationship by learning macro economics, management, finance and fur related knowledge.

Kasper Scott Reinbacher, Auctioneer of Kopenhagen Fur gave a short speech at ceremony. He said: "Since 2010 when this program began, it has drawn more and more attention from both inside and outside of the industry.  More than 100 fur executives and owners have been involved in it. By gathering in our Kopenhagen Fur Elite Club, the members have already begun to change the whole industry to be more sustainable and energetic.

It is worth mentioning that it is the first time that the executives from fashion industry show their interests in this program and join in.  Meanwhile, second generations, with strong education background, starting to take over business from their fathers, participate in this class.

Because of the high attention, the program has already got a long waiting list for the 5th class.