Drawing Wonderland Fund Launched in Henan Province

31 October 2013Markets

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In September Kopenhagen Fur founded the "Drawing Wonderland Fund"in Xinzheng City, Henan province, which is the hometown of traditional Chinese engraving. Kasper Reinbacher, the auctioneer of Kopenhagen Fur and Zhang Xiaohong, school master of Xin Hua Primary School both signed the agreement.


The Xin Hua Primary School school has over 4000 students. Because of the long history of engraving art in the city, this technique has been included in the students' art class as very an essential part, which has resulted in many prizes worldwide.

By building this fund, Kopenhagen Fur will provide funds for the school every year. The school will use the funds to help kids expand their sight, lift artistic culture and creative capabilities.

Zhao Xiaohong said "I amvery grateful that Kopenhagen Fur would like to pay attention to this field and willing to provide more colorful opportunities to our kids. With this help, we are more confident in creating better conditions for more kids who are enthusiastic to this artform.

Kasper Reinbacher also expressed when he was interviewed by local television media that:" Kopenhagen Fur has been committed to having a leading role as creative and innovative. So we are very delighted to help the kids here. The history of the engraving field is very long history and we are looking forward to seeing more unexpected works coming from these lovely kids.

The "Drawing Wonderland Fund" cooperation began in September 2012 when Kopenhagen Fur invited 5 students to come and visit Beijing to see the three day long inauguration of Kopenhagen Fur Elite Alumni.