Beyond Nature: A Story of Fur and Wood

11 October 2013Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord Beijing

Mr. Søren Bach, Mr. Zhu & Mr. Friis Arne Petersen

A unique art and design exhibition opened officially at the Beijing Times Art Museum on September 28, in Beijing's central business district of Chaoyang.


Working together with renowned Danish fashion designer Søren Bach and Chinese famous furniture designer Zhu Xiaojie, Kopenhagen Fur presented a visual feast of art and fashion.By all means, this is the first time that Kopenhagen Fur has joined hands with the Beijing International Design Week, and the gala exhibition it hosted in collaboration with Times Art Museum stands out most prominently as one of the crowning highlights during the seven day long grand gathering attended by a myriad of high profile artists and designers from across the world. 

Successful Cross-Boundary Experiment


With the theme of 'Beyond Nature: A Story of Fur and Wood', the exhibition is one of the most important events during the well-established Beijing International Design Week, and managed to have attracted hundreds of artists, designers and media. 

One of the major highlights of this exhibition is its trans-boundary and transnational nature. The amazing flexible nature of wood and fur makes it possible for crossover artistic creation. Zhu Xiaojie and Søren Bach, who are both master designers, jointly explore the essence of art and design through using their favorite natural materials - fur and wood.

- I use fur as material to reflect its natural beauty. Fur and wood is given a new life in my design works, not only do I manage to maintain the natural texture, but also keep the lasting elegant sense and excellent comfort," said Zhu Xiaojie.

Natural Attitude towards Life

Through their excellent design works, both Mr. Zhu Xiaojie and Soren Bach also expressed their profound respect for the nature-oriented lifestyle, which many people aspire for.

His Excellency, Mr. Friis Arne Petersen, the Danish Ambassador to China, delivered a wonderful speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibition and highly praised the great combination of natural art and people's lifestyle.

"Danish lifestyle has a strong focus on nature and natural products. Today, from the creative art works from Danish and Chinese artists, I can see that the Danes share the same value as a lot of Chinese do. We all like the enjoyment of the natural material," said the Ambassador.

Invaluable Cultural Exchange

As an important part of Beijing Design Week, this exhibition is not only an international art and design activity, but also a high-profile China-Danish cultural exchange event.

Inspired by furniture design concept of China's Ming dynasty in the 1940s, Danish artist Hans J. Wegnercreated the immortal Y-Chair. At the design level, cooperation between China and Denmark has been truly transnational in nature from its beginning. Seventy years later, Mr. Zhu Xiaojie, in return, succeeds in blending Denmark's famous fur into China's chair designing.

By no means, this is not a simple exchange but a professional communication between two soul-mate like nations, with each our two nations committed to sharing the best and the brightest, which results in the most creative work of art. Needless to say, the whole process of creation has always been a most delightful one, with blessings and an aura of pleasure and enjoyment.