International Fur Trade gathered in Beijing

20 November 2013Markets

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Market environment, industry and product development were some of the topics that over 300 members of the International Fur Community focused on at the 2013 Annual Meeting of International Fur Trade


This meeting was jointly organized by the China Fur Association and Kopenhagen Fur and spanned over two days earlier this month. The goal was to build upon the existing international platform, where China has been playing an increasingly important role in the world and the global fur trade. This development urged the establishment of an international communication platform between the Chinese Fur Trade and the Global Fur Trade Communities. The Annual Meeting of the International Fur Trade meets the need and provides an international communication platform for China and the world. 

An exciting outcome

- Over the years, Kopenhagen Fur has been committed to promoting Chinese fur trade to an international level by sharing knowledge, consolidating resources and establishing platforms. The Annual Meeting is undoubtedly one of the exciting outcomes of the close collaboration between Kopenhagen Fur and the Chinese Fur Trade Community, said Kenneth Loberg, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Kopenhagen Fur. 

The Annual Meeting has also received positive response from the Global Fur Trade Community. Participants of the meeting include executives of four major auction houses, chairman of MIFUR (Italy), and representatives of the Greek Fur Chamber of Commerce, and many other fur enterprises from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.

This is the first time that so many members of the International Fur Trade Community have gathered to communicate frankly and constructively. With over 300 participants The Annual Meeting of International Fur Trade is currently the largest conference where members can debate relevant topics. 

Showcased creativity

During the conference, Kopenhagen Fur also presented a fashion show to unfold the latest fur fashion trends created by both international designers from Kopenhagen Center of Creativity, and leading Chinese manufacturers. This showcased Danish promotion concepts and design techniques among the fur manufacturers in the trade.                                                          The 2013 Annual Meeting of International Fur Trade was held at Zhongjia Palace Hot Spring Hotel in Beijing, from Nov. 10 to Nov. 12.