Open Farm initiative brought Danish families to the farms

17 May 2013Fur farming

Emneord Kopenhagen FurOpen Farm

It was a sunny spring day when 10 Danish mink farmers across Denmark invited the public to visit their farms and experience how mink are bred. Nearly 4,800 visitors had a great day and once again the Open Farm initiative can be considered a success.


It was quite obvious how the hosts of the day - the Danish mink farmers - had been looking forward to receiving their many visitors. From early morning until late afternoon, Danish farmers had invited their colleagues to come, help them answer questions and carry out guided tours on the farms. All over Denmark the hosts had prepared coffee and snacks for their guests as well as great displays of fur fashion and raw skins.

As the sun blazed down on the stars of the day - the mink and their kits - the mink farmers guided their many guests through a journey of farming, pelting, fashion and animal welfare. The questions about the mink were many and varied ranging from fodder to nap, from sustainability to pelting. Knud Vest, a proud mink farmer from Jyllinge, Sealand, and a host at the Open Farm Initiative, welcomes the many questions.

- These many questions give us a chance to show our guests how life on a mink farm is really like. Our guests are eager to learn more about fur farming in general and they obviously come here to see the reality on the Danish mink farms, which is why it is so important that we greet our guests with transparency and professionalism. These events prove themselves to be the best ways to challenge the false prejudices of the public.

Among the visitors were many children who, while their parents enjoyed their coffee in the sun, played on agricultural machinery and bales of straw. Sam, a guest and father from the city of Odense, had brought his friend and his son to the Open Farm in the village of Broby, Funen.

-We saw the ad in the newspaper, and we actually attended the event last year, which was great. We thought that this event suited both adults and children, who can benefit from experiencing life on a mink farm. The media have reported on animal cruelty and soforth, but I have seen nothing of the like.  I think the event is a great success, and the snacks are great, said Tom and grinned while getting snacks for his kid.

As the afternoon sun did set, the last guests lured their kids to get down from the bouncing castles. A day on a Mink Farm has ended and the message from the ten hosts of the day was loud and clear: The Open Farm Initiative was a great success.