Global sales at an all time high

8 May 2013Markets



The International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF) has released global retail fur sales figures for 2011/12 totalling $15.6 billion US, a more than half billion dollar increase on last year's figures.


In 2001/2002 the industry was worth $10.9 billion US, demonstrating a 44 per cent increase in value over the last ten years.

Growth is being driven in large part by further demand for fur products in Asian markets, up around 5 percent from last year, totalling $5.6 billion US. Sales have more than tripled in the region over the last ten years and now narrowly outstrip European demand.

Fur skins are also trading at record prices at auction and this is reflected in global fur sales figures. In order of size this year's figures break down as follows:

  • Asian sales are  $5.6 billion US - just over 35 percent of the global total
  • European fur sales are $4.4 billion US - 28 percent of the global total
  • Eurasian sales (Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Kazakhstan) are $4.3 billion US - 27.5 percent of the global total
  • Americas sales (North and South) are $1.2 billion US - just over 7 percent of the global total


Fur is everywhere in fashion

More than 400 designers worldwide are now using fur on the catwalks of London, Paris, New York and Milan and fur has put in a strong showing at the latest shows.

New technologies and manufacturing techniques mean that fur is increasingly being used in spring/summer collections as well traditional autumn/winter ones. The versatile nature of the product and the trend to mix it with fabric and materials such as leather, leading to a lighter texture is broadening its use.

- We are continually seeing fur used in new ways, and we see this as a sign of a future full of fur. New business opportunities and collaborations emerges rapidly. This will be great supporting when securing that the fur trade of the future is prosperous and healthy, says CEO at Kopenhagen Fur, Torben Nielsen.