Mink production has doubled during the last 10 years

7 March 2013Markets

Emneord Kopenhagen FurMink

Mink, mink, and then more mink. The runways of Paris, London, Milan and New York were filled with an impressive dimension of fur fashion during this season's AW fashion weeks. Fur is everywhere in fashion, and this reflects the continued growing turnover of auction sales.

The production of mink has doubled within the last decade which means that the global production has reached a new record high with an estimated production of 59.1 million skins in 2012. In 2001 the global production was 29.5 million skins.

The rise in production reflects the global demand for mink has never been bigger. If one includes the fact that the physical size of mink have increased it becomes clear how the popularity of fur among global consumers have never been bigger.