New skin type at Kopenhagen Fur Exhibition

25 March 2013Fur farming

Emneord Moondust


Moondust is the name of a newly developed skin type, which for the first time ever will be sold at the Kopenhagen Fur auction in April.

The Kopenhagen Fur Exhibition in Herning is the world biggest skin exhibition and lasts for three days. Since Thursday, breeders have shown the world's best fur, and this time a new skin type is displayed. The type is the latest addition to the range of skins at the Kopenhagen Fur auctions.

Moondust first occurred on a Danish farm back in 2005 and has previously been shown at skin exhibitions in Denmark under the working title 'Salt and Pepper', because of the combination with dark and light top hair on bright wool.

- Moondust share a number of characteristics with Cinnamon and Stardust, which so far have been the newest skin types at the Kopenhagen Fur auctions. Both types have rapidly achieved a high demand and therefore a good price, says Kim Erichsen from the Quality Department at Kopenhagen Fur.

The Moondust skins have now reached the amount that makes them ready to be sold for the first time. This is done during the April auction, where Moondust is planned to be sold on Saturday 20th of April according to the preliminary sales program.

- Danish fur farmers produce not only the world's highest quality fur. They also create a wider range of skin types than anywhere else in the world. Both are highly valued by customers at the Kopenhagen Fur auctions. With Moondust we are now able to sell one more unique skin type, says Torben Nielsen, managing director at Kopenhagen Fur.