KiCK: Furrier apprentice scores top marks

27 June 2013Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord KICKFurrier


The creative talents at Kopenhagen Internationale Center for Kreativitet (KiCK) are doing splendidly. Recently, one of the furrier apprentices from the Studio design center of Kopenhagen Fur received the highest score for his graduation.

Mikkel Schou, who started as an apprentice at Studio six months ago, has just completed his basic graduation from CPH West, which is one of the only schools in Denmark that offers special courses in furriery.

Here the young furrier talent scored top marks for his beautiful dress and a new fur technique that he has developed at Studio, which has a long history of developing various creative collaborations with schools in Denmark.

The top mark dress has been created with the use of four Glow Velvet mink males dyed as 'Midnight Blue'. The technique which is used from the waist down is called 'Lamel' and it gives a light and classic look that goes well with the black neoprene which is used for the top. In addition, Mikkel Schou uses black cow skin as well as pigskin in the color 'electric blue', which shows his talent for details with the vertical lines that follow and support the shape of the body.

All in all, a beautiful work of art which in all its simplicity illustrates the creative platform of KiCK and helps to show that fur really belongs in the fashion industry.