June auction nearly hits 3 billion DKK

25 June 2013Auction

Emneord Kopenhagen FurAuction

Auktion_bred2Kopenhagen Fur's June auction brought yet another increase of the mink prices of 6 percent, which means that the price level reaches yet another record high. The auction turnover was nearly 3 billion DKK resulting in an average price on mink amounting to 606 DKK.


The seven day long auction shows how Danish fur farmers keep up their status being the best at what they do. During the last couple of months the price on low quality skins from China has been decreasing, while the price on quality skins keeps rising.

- The Danish fur farmer's focus on quality and this gives them and their products a leading position in the international markets. The reward for their hard work comes in our auction room, says CEO of Kopenhagen Fur, Torben Nielsen.

The June auction was as many prior auctions dominated by Chinese customers, and the auction was visited by more than 850 customers from all over the world. The large turnover at Kopenhagen Fur has great impact on the Danish economy, which without the massive export of mink to China would be declining.

Kopenhagen Fur is, with its many visitors and customers, experiencing a unique challenge. The auction house in Copenhagen does not have room for everybody, even though the company has almost 70,000 square meters of property. Now the world's biggest fur auction house has decided to expand the customer facilities and auction room. This complements the recent expansion of the kitchen which delivers food for the many customers during the auctions.

The last auction of the season will be hold in September. With the current development in the prices on mink Kopenhagen Fur expects an annual turnover of 13 billion DKK.