A future for fur furniture

3 June 2013Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord Kopenhagen FurDenmarkMr. Zhu


Fur chairs, fur coffee tables, fur lamps, fur flower bouquet, fur toys on shelf...Fur is everything but what we thought it used to be. At a special exhibition in Beijing, fur is no longer worn by mannequins or models, but can be put in the living room, office or even children's room.


The 3rd Open Denmark Day was held at the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing on May 25. In collaboration with Chinese high-end designer furniture brand - Opal Furniture, Kopenhagen Fur presented a splendid exhibition that attracted more than 3000 visitors and bloggers.

Themed as "Story about Fur and Wood", the exhibition combined the material and cultural elements of the East and the West, bringing an eye-opening opportunity to the participants.

Most of the artworks on display such as Lone Stool and Scholar Chair were jointly presented by Kopenhagen Fur and Mr. Zhu Xiaojie, the famous chinese furniture designer.

"I have been working with Kopenhagen Fur for more than 3 years. Its creative center, Kopenhagen studio, indeed gave me a lot of inspiration both on material features and on technique evolvement. This is a crossover partnership, and we hope to create fine art and designs that can bring extra enjoyment to life. We hope the design works can spread the enjoyment to China, Denmark and the rest of the world," says Mr. Zhu Xiaojie.


After visiting the exhibition, Mr. Friis Arne Petersen, the Danish Ambassador to China, spoke highly of the exhibition and the significance of the designs.

"This is the most sophisticated and special fur design pieces I have ever seen. It is a great example to showcase the design cooperation of the East and the West."

The purpose of the Open Denmark Day is to strengthen the friendship between Denmark and China by introducing Danish values and lifestyle, as well as presenting Danish high quality food, design and innovations to Chinese people. The Fur Furniture Exhibition is absolutely the best interpretation of these things. Kopenhagen Fur not only strives to expand the boundary of fur application, but also promotes cultural exchanges between China and Denmark.