The World Ballet in Denmark kicked off in beautiful setting

16 July 2013Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord The World Ballet in Denmark

The first of five evenings with beautiful and inspiring ballet and classical music was held next to the Sand-covered Church in Skagen, Denmark which, as the sun went down behind the sandy dunes, proved to be the perfect setting for outdoor ballet. Kopenhagen Fur is sponsor at the annual World Ballet in Denmark.

The scenery was as beautiful as it gets as the audience at the annual World Ballet in Denmark was gathered behind the sandy dunes by the Sand-covered Church of Skagen. The sun shined ever so beautifully on both the stage and the sold-out crowd.

Humorous ballet and music

The show of the evening included both ballet and classic musical acts as the vision of the organizer of The World Ballet in Denmark, Jens-Christian Wandt, is to introduce the audience to a world of wonderful experiences with ballet and classical music. And the contrast between the raw nature and classical elements gave the experience a more magical element. So said Jens-Christian Wandt

-The contrast is striking when we pull an elitist phenomenon like ballet from its customary context. But the contrast itself is what appeals to us. We use it and we let us be inspired by the scenery that is the backdrop for the show. Something magical happens when a grandiose theatre is replaced with a castle yard or a North Sea dune.

The mix of musicians of the evening included various opera singers, the well-known pianist Mats Knutsson and the world famous violinist Charlie Siem.

Fur costumes adds natural elements to the equation  

The audience was very impressed and cheered as the Australian ballet-dancer Steven McRae gave his interpretation of modern ballet. Steven McRae is known for his position as Principal Dancer at the Royal Ballet and wore custom made mink ballet jacket as he entertained the audience.

- You want to feel luxurious and 'High Class' when you are performing solo, and fur of course gives you exactly that feeling. Performing in fur was a really fun experience and I would love to do more work with Kopenhagen Fur. I simply love fur, said Steven McRae.

The World Ballet in Denmark continues its tour across Denmark with further four performances. For tickets please log on to: