New times call for a new structure

9 January 2013Markets

Emneord Kopenhagen FurMarketing

Kopenhagen Fur merges Business Development and Marketing. This initiative has been taken to create distinctive division between core business and new ventures. The optimization will strengthen Kopenhagen Fur in a prosperous future for the fur industry.

During recent years, Torben Nielsen, CEO of Kopenhagen Fur, has invested much time and personal energy in new business developments. Furthermore, new activities in China have been established as well as the formation of the strategic partnership with Danish Fashion & Textile, Danish Jewellers Association and Copenhagen Municipality to create an innovation centre in Copenhagen.

Torben Nielsen has now decided that he wishes to focus even more on the core activities of the company - collection, sorting and sale of skins. It has therefore been decided that Kenneth Loberg takes the overall responsibility of new business development and the marketing of Kopenhagen Fur. The new organisation structure will ensure continued focus on these important areas and their support of Kopenhagen Fur's general strategies.

- It is now time to consolidate these new business areas. Kenneth Loberg will therefore be giving these areas his full dedication, while I will be focusing on the core business aspects. We believe that this model will provide even better interaction between different business areas, Torben Nielsen states.

New subsidiaries

In addition to marketing functions, Kenneth Loberg's new organisation will also include Kopenhagen Fur's activities in China, logistics in Hong Kong/China, Global Fur Finance, Kopenhagen Studio and the new innovative partnership with Danish Fashion & Textile and Danish Jewellers Association. Kenneth Loberg's title is now Director of Marketing and Business Development.

These areas of activities also include the new product line, Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur, and the new Chinese company, Furward. These will - as planned - be marketed as two individual subsidiary companies with a strictly commercial focus. However, both companies will continue to have a high level of synergy and relations to Kopenhagen Fur's general marketing.

As a consequence of the decision to merge business development and marketing activities into one organisation referring to Kenneth Loberg, the core functions in the Customer Department and the Quality Department of Kopenhagen Fur will now refer to Torben Nielsen directly. Torben Nielsen looks forward to having a full focus on core activities at a time, where he envisages great development and perspectives in the global fur market.

- In these years, we are seeing some interesting developments. Traditional markets in Europe and the USA show that fur is in fashion. At the same time, brand new markets are emerging. Kopenhagen Fur sees great perspective in a number of countries, stretching from Central Asia to Turkey. Furthermore, the big markets in Russia and China still show high levels of demand. Kopenhagen Fur is ready to be an active operator in all these markets, Torben Nielsen states.