Kopenhagen Fur Museum wins more attentions

25 January 2013Markets


From January 15 to 18, The 39th China Fur & Leather Products Fair (Fur Fair China2013) was held in China National Convention Center. Among the hundreds exhibitors from all over the world, Kopenhagen Fur absolutely was the special one.

The booth of Kopenhagen Fur was in a form of museum. Five areas, including farming, quality, auction, creativity and usability perfectly showed a vivid picture to thousands of audiences and presented all aspects of Kopenhagen Fur's business.

In this year's exhibition, Kopenhagen Fur focused on the mutations in mink fur. Due to the level of expertise of the Danish mink breeders, the highly skilled sorters and the use of advanced technology, Kopenhagen Furis able to provide the best and most comprehensive range of fur skin types. This has established Kopenhagen Fur as the market leader within unique mutation mink skins. A position which have been held for decades.

Kopenhagen Fur Museum attracted more than 500 guests every day and most of them are industry elites, members of the media, fashion designers and fur fans.

"It's a unique experience to walk in Kopenhagen Fur museum and experience the whole process ranging from farming to fashion. I'm interested in fur techniques and learned a lot from the technique samples. I hope that I could be in Denmark one day and taste the magic of fur world." said Zhang Liqing, the owner of Jingjia Fur Garment Factory.

Kopenhagen Fur Museum also attracted the attention of the media. CCTV-NEWS reporter visited the booth of Kopenhagen fur and had an exclusive interview with Kenneth Loberg, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Kopenhagen Fur. In front of China's largest television media, Kenneth Loberg introduced all the programs Kopenhagen Fur promotes ​​in China and showed Kopenhagen Fur's unremitting efforts in knowledge sharing and innovation within design and fur fashion.

"Fur Fair China attracts more participation and attention from the fur industry and has become one of the most influential professional fairs in the world. Kopenhagen Furappears on the fur fair in the best image every year and sponsors a high-end fur summit this year, which shows the leading position Kopenhagen Fur holds in fur industry of the world." said Kenneth Loberg, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Kopenhagen Fur.