Gallery: Fur dominates the runways of New York

12 February 2013Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord New York Fashion Week

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Five days into the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2013 collections, it is clear that fur dominates the runways with all the prominent designers.

Especially a pair of oversized mink gloves that resembles boxing mitts in fur has received much attention, not least because two different designers independently have used these large fur mittens in their shows.

One of the designers using mink gloves is Alexander Wang, a New York wonderkid who last autumn was appointed chief designer at Balenciaga. The designer used the fur mittens in his sporty and raw collection which was mixed with oversized clothes in wool and leather.

The designer Joseph Altuzarra also used mink mittens, but it was not the only item he excelled at. Altuzarra received much attention for his collection in black and white leather with beautiful graphic images mixed with mink or fox on top.

The fact that two different designers came up with the idea to use oversize fur mittens is not surprising, but still a coincidence, according to Cindi Leive, editor in chief of Glamour magazine.

- The honest answer is some of it is plain and simple coincidence. These designers are creating hundreds of looks over the course of a season. It would be more unusual if there were no overlap, she said.

Sunday Cindi Leive said that fur had been on every runway so far. At that time four days of the eight days long fashion week already had passed. According to Leive, people did not buy a lot of fur after the recession, but now it has made a comeback as people feel a little more comfortable about spending money. Today it is not only traditional long fur coats, which is found on the runway and in fashion - now fur is also seen as a part of clothing in general, example as a collar or attached to bags and shoes.

The New York Fashion Week continues until Thursday 14th February. Hereafter, the fashion industry will move on to the runways of London, Milan and Paris.