A quarter million for child cancer

12 February 2013Markets

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Lars Løkke RasmussenPia KjærsgaardPeter FalktoftUlla TørnæsBubberKristian Thulesen DahlPia KjærsgaardPia Allerslev

Christmas may be long over, but the story of the fur hearts sold by Kopenhagen Fur in Tivoli generates the kind of warmth and joy normally seen only at Christmas. The support from Danish celebrities, Team Rynkeby cyclists and visitors to Tivoli was overwhelming, and almost DKK 250,000/USD 45,000 can now be handed over to Team Rynkeby and the Children's Cancer Foundation.

Concluded in September 2012, Kopenhagen Fur's sponsorship agreement with Tivoli for Christmas in Tivoli provided an obvious occasion to continue the charity work that Kopenhagen Fur and several members of Danish Fur Breeders' Association had already done. At Kopenhagen Fur's Inuit Sila booth, specially designed fur hearts were sold at a favourable price throughout the Christmas in Tivoli event. All the proceeds from the hearts went to Team Rynkeby, the result being that DKK 250,000 will be donated to the Children's Cancer Foundation via Team Rynkeby, a group of people biking to Paris, collecting donations for charity. 

Do something good for others

Many Danish celebrities joined forces to help sell fur hearts in Tivoli. Politicians Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Pia Kjærsgård, Pia Allerslev, Peter Falktoft, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, Eva Kjer Hansen, Ulla Tørnæs, the former prime minister's wife Anne-Mette Fogh Rasmussen and television host Bubber all braved the cold of November and December to lend a helping hand at the Inuit Sila booth.

-  I'm active in Team Rynkeby for two reasons. The first is the cause of children's cancer itself. I was once the minister for health and saw what a terrible disease children's cancer is, but I also saw that in Denmark we offer world-class treatment of children's cancer. Secondly, this is a project that lets you do something good for yourself while doing good for others. When you're going to ride a bicycle to Paris, you need to take some training tours during the spring, explained Lars Lykke Rasmussen with a smile.

Christmas in Tivoli was a big success

Managing Director of Kopenhagen Fur, Torben Nielsen, is pleased with the Christmas charity event. Kopenhagen Fur has received a wealth of positive response. In Torben Nielsen's view this speaks volumes of the success of cooperating with Tivoli.

- We were able to highlight some of the other causes we also work to promote, such as improved rights for the Greenland sealers and our collection for the Children's Cancer Foundation while also participating in a fantastic seasonal event in Tivoli. The support was astonishing, and I want to give my heartfelt thanks to the celebrities who helped out at our booth, he says.

In 2012, Tivoli saw an increase in the number of visitors, and with 857,000 visitors having flocked to Christmas in Tivoli, the event can be labelled a resounding success.