Significant energy savings equals certification

3 May 2013Politics


Kopenhagen Furhas received a certification from INOVA Nordic, showing how much energy consumption the company reduced in 2012.

More specifically, it is the IT Infrastructure at Kopenhagen Fur, which INOVA Nordic took a look at and found suitable for a certification.

- They think we do it really well, and they were actually surprised by how advanced we are in the area, says Claus Andersen, CIO at Kopenhagen Fur.

INOVA Nordic provides energy advice to Danish companies and helps them to effectuate and document CO2 reductions and energy savings. INOVA Nordic also prepares CESA (CO2, Energy, Strategy and Accounting) Certifications, which is precisely what Kopenhagen Fur has received.

CO2 decreased by 127.2 tons

The certification reveals that Kopenhagen Fur in IT Infrastructure in 2012 has reduced the spending of kWh with 283,248 and CO2 emissions by 127.2 tons.

- This certification shows two things: One, that we are very environmentally conscious in our choice of technology. Two, that we contribute to Kopenhagen Fur's finances because we save money on energy, says Claus Andersen.

One of the ways that Kopenhagen Fur has saved energy is by virtualizing the server operations 100 percent.

- This means that there are not a lot of servers that takes up place and uses energy. Furthermore, 30 percent of our 'clients' (i.e. the company's computers) are also virtualized, says Claus Andersen.

Although Kopenhagen Fur is far ahead in its environmental profile, there is still room for improvement. This means that the cooperation with INOVA Nordic will continue, to look for additional ways of energy savings elsewhere in the company.


CEO at Kopenhagen Fur Torben Nielsen, Energy adviser at INOVA Nordia Jan Dahl-Petersen and CIO at Kopenhagen Fur Claus Andersen Photo: Jesper Clausen