Platform Sets The Value

6 May 2013Markets

Emneord KopenKopenhagen Fur


On April 12, the biggest Tsinghua University-Kopenhagen Fur Executive Education class since 2010 graduated successfully. 40 business owners and executives within the fur fashion industry received certifications from Kasper Scott Reinbacher, Auctioneer of Kopenhagen Fur and Prof. Xiao Wenling, Head of Department of Textile and Fashion at Tsing Hua University Art Academy.


At the Graduation Ceremony, Kasper Scott Reinbacher presented a short speech appreciating students' engagement on the Fur Executive Education Program and also called for active participation at Kopenhagen Fur Elite Club inaugurated last September as successful graduates from the program.

Prof. Xiao Wenling expressed his congratulations to the graduates: "I am very happy to see the charming changes from everyone's face compared with last year when you just started your study here at this Studio. Meanwhile, I have always been very impressed by the professional way of planning and managing of the program with constantly creative improvements from Kopenhagen Fur. All the efforts definitely lead to a great platform for everyone of us engaging deeply in fur and fashion industry to achieve a better future."


Mr. Lin Zijun, the 3rd class monitor, also a board member of the Alumni, said: "Having studied at Tsinghua University has fulfilled one of my dreams in my life. I believe that the courses give me profound and lasting influence in my future business. And I am also very grateful to see all the new resources from Kopenhagen Fur and the network flow in to make it a long-lasting platform for all of us who have been through this nice program."

After the Graduation Ceremony, all the graduates and some of Alumni members gathered at a scenic golf club and tried this type of the most popular business sports to celebrate for their successful graduation.

It is reported that Tsinghua University-Kopenhagen Fur Executive Education for Fur CEOs has become more influenced within the industry. More than 100 practitioners have finished their study from this program. The 4th class will begin in September 2013 and the application list is already rather long.