New mink type debuts at April auction

19 April 2013Auction

Emneord Kopenhagen FurAuction


Kopenhagen Fur welcomes buyers at the season's third fur auction with Moondust, a Danish newcomer to the supply of mink skins.

651. That is the number of skins which will be sold of the new skin type named Moondust at Kopenhagen Fur's April auction. The new type has been bred at Danish mink breeder Carsten Susgaard where it developed by chance seven years ago. Since then, determined breeding has made Moondust a type big enough to debut at an auction.

Even more potential

Moondust has a white wool and white and black guard hairs. According to Carsten Susgaard, the optimum Moondust skin pattern has not yet been defined.  The market will have a say in this matter. Thus, Carsten Susgaard is looking forward to the April auction.

- I have kept minks with very different pattern structures because no one yet can tell what the market demands, Carsten Susgaard says.

Among Danish mink farmers, it has been noted that a new mink type has emerged. Several breeders have shown interest to purchase Moondust minks for breeding.

The Moondust skins will be sold Saturday April 20th with great anticipation for the auction debutant. The collection consists of 397 male skins and 254 females.