New forum for factual debates of the fur industry

19 April 2013Politics

Emneord Fur for thought


The European fur sector has launched the new web page Fur for Thought where blogging and discussions on fur from facts will be facilitated. Also fur breeders are encouraged to share experiences and views.


Until now, the Internet has lacked a place to retrieve information as well as discuss the fur industry. Therefore, the European Fur Breeders Association and the International Fur Trade Federation, has started up Fur for Thought, a web page for everyone to blog about fur.

Fur for Thought is a place to get one's view on fur across. The ambition is to have forum with a basis in facts. The subjects are divided into the four main categories animal welfare, fur ethics, sustainability, and economy and innovation.

Contributions from the bloggers will often take point of departure in a specific piece of information or news. Fur related videos will be published, relating to the four main categories. It will show different operators within various parts of the fur industry, presenting their everyday work.

To create even more activity on Fur for Thought, all operators in the fur industry are encouraged to share their point of view, including fur breeders.

You can find Fur for thought on several platforms: