Buyers positive before April auction

16 April 2013Auction

Emneord Auction

A large number of buyers will be present in the auction room when Kopenhagen Fur hosts the third auction of the season. Among other skins, the buyers will have the opportunity to buy Moondust, a whole new type of mink skins.


Once again, numerous different languages can be heard at Kopenhagen Fur. The buyers have started to make their appearance to inspect the skins before the auction starts on Friday April 19th and carries on through Wednesday April 24th.

700 buyers will make their bids for world's best mink skins, and 450 of these buyers are from China/Hong Kong. The total number of buyers is an increase from last year's April auction.

Content with the supply

However, what is more important than the number of buyers present in the auction room is the demand from the buyers actually present. According to CEO at Kopenhagen Fur, Torben Nielsen, the customers are positive. They are optimistic about their own situation as well as the fur industry in general, but also in relation to the 5.6 million mink skins which will be offered at the April auction.

- They are very pleased with our supply. Not only does Kopenhagen Fur offer the world's highest quality of mink skins. We also have the largest variety of skin types than anywhere in the world. At the same time, we sell the skins in the biggest quantities available on a global scale. For the buyers, it means a better chance to buy as many high quality skins as possible, Torben Nielsen says.

An example for the continuous development of the supply at Kopenhagen Fur's auctions is the new skin type Moondust which will be sold for the first time at the April auction.

Torben Nielsen points out that no one can predict how the auction prices will develop.

- No one can predict the result of the forces of an open market before the hammer has fallen for the last time at the auction. But it is encouraging that the buyers have a positive approach to the auction, Torben Nielsen says.