Wonder-Fur Life! First Round Selection Ends Successfully

2 October 2012Markets

Emneord Kopenhagen FurChina


On September 17, the first round selection of the Kopenhagen Fur Wonder-Fur Life Accessories Design Competition was held. The competition attracted many young designers from some top design colleges, including the Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, ESMOD (Beijing) etc.

More than 100 sketches from 33 designers were presented to the judges who are professors from top design colleges, creative directors from famous fur fashion brands, and senior editor from fashion industry as well as Global Trend and Design Manager from Kopenhagen Fur. The sketches were carefully and fairly judged by the jury. Highly praised for their creativity and commitment, 15 outstanding young designers stood out most prominently, securing an opportunity to turn their creative designs into real products with support of skins and fur craftsmanship knowledge from Kopenhagen Fur.

To promote LOHAS lifestyle with Fur


Holm_bred2LOHAS is the abbreviation of Lifestyle of healthy and sustainability. It represents a very popular life attitude held by many young people in China born in 1990's. The modern LOHAS lifestyle features strongly on living naturally, healthily and elegantly.

"The fundamental purpose of this competition is to gather creative interpretations of LOHAS lifestyle with fur. To this end, we would like to show people that fur can be part of a LOHAS lifestyle choice. A natural product that can bring us elegance in fashion, fur is a sustainable product that can last for years and can be degraded once it finally runs out of consumer values. Using small pieces of leftover materials on fur accessories is yet another way of creating internal sustainability within fur fashion industry. Enjoying a green and happy life style with fur is actually a natural choice!" Says Chris Cui, general manager of General Manager, Kopenhagen Fur Beijing Office

To continue the happy fur loop


The accessory design competition is not only about lifestyle choice for those who can afford, but also for those who need support to enjoy a happier life. There will be a charity sale of selected fur accessories during the course of the 'CHIC-YOUNG BLOOD' fair later in end of Oct in 798 Art District in Beijing. The profits from the accessories sale will be donated to the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), designated for the Love Package Project. The spread of love and happiness from Kopenhagen Fur as the sponsor to young designers and then to fashion consumers with warm hearts will eventually benefit those in great needs. The happiness loop is then established with the link of fur. Therefore, undoubtedly, Kopenhagen Fur attaches high importance to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Building New Creative Engine for future


As the world's largest fur auction house and the leading luxury fur material fashion brand, Kopenhagen Fur always devotes itself to bring innovation to the fur fashion and design. Thanks to the international background and vision from the co-organizers-CHIC Young Blood and Kopenhagen Fur, this competition is full of internationalized inspirations and fragrance. Mr. Michael Holm, product manager of Kopenhagen Fur was especially excited with the first round selection of the creative talents. He said that Chinese designers began to apply international design language to their own designs, while retaining some traditional Chinese design elements. Young designers must learn to communicate not only through languages, more importantly, through the outgoing personality and actively creative experiments. Thus, this design competition constitutes a great platform for showcasing such experiments and creations.

In a word, Kopenhagen Fur Wonder-fur Life Accessory design competition will fully reflect Kopenhagen Fur's long-term commitment to design with originality and creativity, corporate responsibility and social credibility.