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19 September 2012Markets

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The world's largest fur auction house, Kopenhagen Fur, and Tivoli have entered into an agreement for a new collaboration which means that Kopenhagen Fur will be the official partner for Christmas in Tivoli the next 3 years. It is Kopenhagen Fur's largest partnership agreement, and shall bring Tivoli several millions for investments and development of Christmas in Tivoli, which this year opens its gates on 16 November.

ModeltivoliThe co-operative auction house, Kopenhagen Fur is the world's largest with a global market share of 60% and an annual turnover of DKK 10.5 billion in 2011/12. Mink skins represents one third of the total Danish exports to China/ Hong Kong, and in Denmark alone, more than 6,000 people are directly occupied with fur breeding.

CEO Torben Nielsen, Kopenhagen Fur, says;

"Tivoli is a strong partner for Kopenhagen Fur. Like Kopenhagen Fur, Tivoli is firmly anchored in Denmark and has a prominent international profile. It gives us a unique opportunity to strengthen Kopenhagen Fur not only in Denmark but also in the rest of the world Tivoli being a national treasure. We will use theTivoli agreement in our international marketing in China. But we are also pleased to show fur garments to the many Danish guests who every year visit Christmas in Tivoli. It is a perfect showcase where we can demonstrate why Danish mink farmers are the world's elite, says CEO Torben Nielsen, Kopenhagen Fur.

CEO Lars Liebst, Tivoli, makes the following comments on the collaboration;

"The agreement is of benefit to both Tivoli and our visitors from at home and abroad, as it allows us to continue to develop Christmas in Tivoli. Like Tivoli, Kopenhagen Fur has a leading position in the world in its field, and we have both built strong brands by staking much on quality, traditions and innovation without accepting compromises. In Tivoli our mission is to enchant our visitors, and the new partnership will help us achieve this.

With this agreement Kopenhagen Fur adds itself to the list of exclusive sponsors in Tivoli that counts Nestlé, Royal Unibrew, Škoda, DONG Energy and Audi, as well as a number of foundations that support Tivoli's cultural activities including the Obel Family Foundation, the Augustinus Foundation and AP Moller and wife Chastine Mc-Kinney Møller Foundation for General Purposes.

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For more information:
Kopenhagen Fur: Communications Director Sander Jacobsen Tel.: +45 2268 0932 E-mail:
Tivoli: Public Relations Officer Torben Plank, Tel.; +45 22 23 74 40, E-mail:


Facts about Kopenhagen Fur:

Kopenhagen Fur is the world's largest auction house for fur skins with a turnover of DKK 10.5 billion in 2011/2012. Kopenhagen Fur has made fur skins one of the largest exports of Danish agriculture. Denmark is the world's largest producer of mink skins with an annual production of about 15 million skins.

Mink skins make up one third of Danish exports to China and Hong Kong. The auction house has 400 employees, and the fur industry provides 6,000 jobs in Denmark. Kopenhagen Fur runs Kopenhagen Studio, a creative design centre, where furriers and designers develop new ways to use fur. Kopenhagen Fur is a classic co-operative owned by Danish fur farmers.

Facts about Tivoli:

Since Georg Carstensen in 1843 for the first time opened the gates to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen the Garden has developed into a world famous amusement park with 25 rides, hotel, activities, stalls, restaurants and events, shows and concerts.

Tivoli is among the world's oldest amusement parks and with its traditions and ongoing innovations it offers great amusements for three generations. Nearly 4 million visitors visit the garden every year.