Expanding the Value of Fur

2 October 2012Markets

Emneord Kopenhagen FurTsinghua University

September 21, 2012. Tsinghua University's Academy of Arts & Design and Kopenhagen Fur jointly launched its alumni association in conjunction with the commencement of the new semester in Beijing. Meanwhile, Kopenhagen Fur also kicks off its "Kopenhagen Fur Love sharing charity plan, ' " -a multi-year philanthropic project in China. 

Since Jan, 2007, Kopenhagen Fur has had close ties with Tsinghua University, where the two partners set up the Tsinghua University -- Kopenhagen Fur Studio. In 2010, the cooperation platform was successfully expanded to a new program initiative " Executive education program for fur CEOs." It is the only one of its kind around the world. On Sep 21, a extended program on the Tsing Hua cooperation platform is jointly launched and named as "Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts-Kopenhagen Fur Alumni", which is viewed by many as the industry's elitist professional organization to better serve the industry sustainable growth on a continuous basis. 

"We hope this new alumni platform will further enhance industry knowledge sharing as well as global networking," said Mr. Per Knudsens, chief auctioneer at Kopenhagen Fur, "deepen cross-over communication and full scale business cooperations. We  hope we could further support the Chinese fur industry with value-adding initiatives aiming at longterm vibrant growth with more forward-looking ideas for future." 

Professor Xiao Wenling, dean of the Fashion Textile department, Tsinghua's Academy of Fine Arts, shares the view. "I hope," said Prof. Xiao, who is also the director of Kopenhagen Fur Fur Executive Education Program , "the alumni could provide more opportunities  for fur CEOs to work even more closely with Fashion industry in general, which will accelerate the development of the Chinese fur industry with stronger capability on value creations for fur and for fur consumers." 

Value sharing with those in needs

On Sep 21, Kopenhagen Fur also launched "Kopenhagen Fur Love Sharing Charity Plan". As a long-term philanthropic donor, Kopenhagen Fur's new charity program will focus on support Xianhua Lu Primary School in Xinzheng City, Henan Province. This plan is designed to help gifted children who love hardboard painting with financial support to continuing their professional learning in art. Of course, this project will benefit from its close working relations with Tsinghua University, which also committed to a long-term cooperative relationship with Xinhualu Primary School. 

On Sep 19th, 5 students and the hardboard painting teacher were invited for their first visit of BJ and Tsing Hua university. On Sep 21st, students received their new school bags with stationaries, tools for hardboard painting and a fur necklace for opening of their new semester. A coaching section by Prof.Xiao from Tsing Hua University Art Academy inspired both teacher Zhao Jian and the students.

" We really appreciate the assistance from Kopenhagen Fur and this is a really unexpected but extremely valuable opportunity for our students, our teachers and our art education in school. With the help of Kopenhagen Fur, we can improve our capabilities on building creative minds for the future of the kids and our country." Students prepared beautiful hardboard painting named" Let's start new semester in Tsing Hua University together" to chief auctioneer at Kopenhagen Fur to express their gratitude.  

"We will provide fiancial aids in future and opportunities for more interaction and communication for Arts teachers of Xinhualu Primary school with other art education platform sources.  Setting up this charity plan here today is also to align the resources from Kopenhagen Fur, Tsing Hua University and Fur elites from China and  hope this plan will contribute to inheriting traditional Chinese art form and sharing our values created from fur with the talented children who need support to continue their love and passion in art." Ms. Chris Cui, the general manager of Kopenhagen Fur BJ Office said.