1.257.484 DKK donated to namibian charity

24 September 2012Politics

Emneord NamibiaKopenhagen FurFur farmers

Danish and Dutch fur breeders have in the season of 2011/12 submitted no less than 10.820 skins for Kopenhagen Furs Charity Foundation. The season has now come to an end and the donated skins have raised a record-high 1.257.484 DKK in total. The donations are used entirely in the support of underprivileged children in Windhoek, Capital of Namibia.

Kopenhagen Furs effort towards helping poor Namibian children is much appreciated in the vast desert land, and the project is beginning to echo amongst the southwest African people as it creates hope for a population, where the need for help is massive.

Kopenhagen Furs Charity Foundation and the Namibian NGO, S.P.E.S. Charity, work hard trying to improve the conditions of children who come from environments where deprivation and hopelessness is part of their everyday lives.

The money made from the donated skins has so far contributed in the establishment of 30 kindergartens the infamous slums of Windhoek called 'Katutura'. Here the poor children receive their first and maybe most important glimpse of the life that awaits them outside the slum. Besides a hot daily meal, the Preschool children also receive early childhood education in order to prepare the them for Primary school. The children are motivated to learn, and the teachers help them to develop social, intellectual and motor skills.

Kopenhagen Fur would, in effort to show great gratitude and appreciation, like to send praise and honor to the Danish and the Dutch fur breeders for their great support of the Charity Foundation.