Competition and charity bring out the best in each other

5 November 2012Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord CHIC 2012Kopenhagen Fur


October 26, 2012, the Kopenhagen Fur Accessories Design Competition culminated in a successful awarding ceremony held in conjunction to the grand opening of the CHIC-Young Blood 2012 in Beijing. The charity bazaar hosted by Kopenhagen Fur managed to attract countless supportive followers. Most of the bazaar items from the design competition were sold and all the proceeds, was donated to the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation to support around 200 poor kids with a love parcel each.

Spread LOHAS to more people

With the theme "Wonder-Fur Life!", Kopenhagen Fur Accessories Design Competition aims to promote a whole new way of life known as LOHAS, a most trendy lifestyle prevailing among China's Generation X.

Materials used for fur accessories are the redundant and marginal ones left from fur clothes making. This is perfectly in line with core value of LOHAS as being economical. Meanwhile, the lifestyle Kopenhagen Fur promotes is also dedicated to supporting indigenous creative talents in China to acknowledges their own creative  ambitions and enjoy the happiness of working with a magic natural fabric - fur.

With a firm belief in that a cutting-edge designer should "think out of the box", Kopenhagen Fur hopes that Chinese designers will make full use of this fantastic fabric, and that they will be able to rock the whole fashion community with their surprising ideas. This is the rationale behind the current "Wonder-Fur Life!" competition.

Since its commencement in August 2012, "Wonder-Fur Life!" competition has been successful in putting together a large pool of emerging young fashion designers. These designer-contestants are either graduates from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts or ESMOD (Beijing). Some of them have even developed their own fashion brands, and rank among the most promising designers in China today.

Look upon fur as Muse

During the ceremony, Kopenhagen Fur invites contestants to look back at the joyful journey of this creative event. Designers share their mind path over the past two months, from the beginning of inspiration to the completion of their artwork. They have brought new ideas to the design for fur, and they have broken the rules that people have for fur. Their creations have won many praises from the fashion and fur experts, who were invited as judges.

Many young talents consider this amazing fur fabric as their muse for creativity. They take advantage of the texture of the fabric. By cutting, shearing, plucking and combining with other types of material, they have created amazing fur accessory pieces.

What's worth mentioning is the champion of this contest, Zhao Weiwei, took advantage of amazing aesthetic power with multi-functional fur accessories. In the whole set of design, fur and lining integrated perfectly, the round-shaped neck-wear is re-constructed into foldable structure. It is a bold idea to take advantage of the three-dimensionality of fur, and yet it is super practical! There are many ways to use this designed piece, it could match a fury hat, or it could become a light shawl. It provides a lot of imagination space for the person who wears it, which was the goal for the young designer.