Satisfactory start at the Kopenhagen Fur June auction

21 June 2012Auction

Emneord Kopenhagen FurAuctionJune

During the 2012-season the fur trade have experienced massive price increases on mink skins at The Kopenhagen Fur auctions. This led to record-high prices and a historically high auction turnover peaking at the auction in April.  The first selling days at the June auction took off with prices going from record-high to very high on the blue mink types.


Male skins in the blue types experienced a slight price-drop, whereas the females experienced a stronger sale staying close to the record-high level from April.  CEO at Kopenhagen Fur, Torben Nielsen, calls this an expected development in the market, a statement based on the auction results from North-America and Finland. The demand for blue skin types has been met and he sees the slight price-drop as a natural consequence of this.

- Demand on mink skins continues to be high and the skins are sold at a very satisfying price-level securing profitability in the production of mink skins, says Torben Nielsen.

He stresses that the markets are experiencing a moderate price-drop, even though we are experiencing a very strong dollar-price, and the CEO welcomes the slight price-drop as a welcome turn of events for the entire business.

The first two days of sale have presented a price-drop on blue skin types ranging from 5-15 percent compared to the record-high prices at the April Auction. The cross-types are sold at a very high price level.