Kopenhagen Fur sits down with the Chinese Minister of Commerce

22 June 2012Politics

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During the Chinese state visit to Denmark, CEO of Kopenhagen Fur Torben Nielsen participated in a meeting with the Chinese Minister of Commerce and the royal gala dinner.


With Kopenhagen Fur's prominent contribution to Danish exports into China, CEO Torben Nielsen was sought after both in the media and at meetings during the Chinese President Hun Jintao's visit to Denmark from June 14th through June 16th.
Torben Nielsen was present when the elite of the Danish business world met with Chinese executives and top ranked politicians, officials and ministers at the Chinese-Danish Conference on Business and Trade.

Later during the state visit, the Chinese Minister of Commerce, Chen Deming, joined the Danish Minister for Trade and Investment, Pia Olsen Dyhr, at a more secluded meeting. Five Danish companies including Kopenhagen Fur were invited to participate in the meeting regarding the subject of even better conditions for Danish companies in China. Thus, Torben Nielsen got the opportunity to present Kopenhagen Fur's views directly to the Chinese Minister of Commerce. The main message from Torben Nielsen was a further intensification of Kopenhagen Fur's vision to strengthen the Chinese fur industry through knowledge sharing and co-operation.

- Besides co-operating with retailers in China and our Chinese customers, our present co-operations in China have culminated in the fur-related design center and MBA education at Tsinghua University. We believe that the Chinese fur industry will be able to add more knowledge to the products in terms of even better manufacturing, better design, and better marketing in order to develop international brands. In co-operation with the Chinese fur industry, we seek to add the level of knowledge necessary for the companies to get through to the international markets, Torben Nielsen told the Chinese Minister of Commerce.

The success of the meeting became obvious as it continued far beyond the time schedule despite Torben Nielsen, both the ministers and several other persons present at the meeting were to be present at the Danish Queen's official gala dinner shortly after. Concerning Kopenhagen Fur's presence at the meeting with the Chinese Minister of Commerce Chen Deming, Minister for Trade and Investment Pia Olsen Dyhr said:

- Everyone knows that the Chinese state visit is a fantastic event with a great potential for Danish trade and investment interests - especially because of Kopenhagen Fur's effort and activities in China. Kopenhagen Fur delivers - together with other Danish companies- some of the solutions, which the Chinese seek.