Manufacturers' Programme - a great success.

20 January 2012Markets

Emneord Kopenhagen Fur

During the last two years Kopenhagen Fur has made manufacturers' agreements all over China, with great success for both parties.


Kopenhagen Fur has been busy in China for the last two years. Since the first manufacturing agreement was entered into by Kopenhagen Fur and Haining City in the eastern Zhejiang Province in 2010, Kopenhagen Fur has entered into another eleven manufacturing agreements with Chinese provinces.

Each agreement is made with the same purpose, i.e. to assist the area or town to advance in the fur industry.  But each manufacturing agreement takes into consideration what Kopenhagen Fur has to offer and what the area needs.

- Every time we make a new agreement, we consider our new partner's needs. For example: Some partners may need more knowledge of designs, and if so, we recommend designers, or if some partners wish to be more visible in fairs we assist them in arranging booths in international fairs, o.a.  Therefore, the contents are different, though the agreements are basically the same, Sales Director Kenneth Loberg says.

Whenever a manufacturing agreement is entered into, Kopenhagen Fur is backed up by Kopenhagen Fur Academy who supplies all information from auction procedures to branding and brand management.

- It is a strategic alliance of loyalty for Kopenhagen Fur. We may give the area new knowhow, and we get the areas' loyalty back in return. It also gives us a chance to meet our customers and partners on their turf instead of always meeting on our own turf in Denmark, Kenneth Loberg says.

The agreements are popular 
In the beginning Kopenhagen Fur played an important part engaging possible partners in the provinces to enter into manufacturing agreements, but now they contact Kopenhagen Fur themselves to enter into manufacturing agreements, a development that Kenneth Loberg is very pleased with.
 - We are very interested in contracting alliances with China, especially manufacturing agreements, so it is a favourable development that the word is out regarding the cooperation we are establishing in China, and now they contact us directly, Kenneth Loberg says.

Kenneth Loberg's hope for the future is to enter into more manufacturing agreements, and also that Kopenhagen Fur improves the analyses of Chinese partners' needs.

- We need to get better in helping our partners to succeed in the global fur industry. Also after we have fulfilled our obligations in the manufacturing agreement. Kopenhagen Fur has so much knowledge of the fur business, and the partners may benefit from that knowledge as well for example by attending our Sorting and Auction Procedures Course in Glostrup or by recommending them the MBA education in Tsinghua University, Kenneth Loberg says.

The latest manufacturing agreement was entered into on 8 November when representatives from Dengta City visited Kopenhagen Fur to sign the agreement. Managing Director Torben Nielsen was pleased with the agreement, and he hopes that the programme will help them make a difference in the area.

- When I visited Dengta City for the first time back in 1995, leather jackets and men's wear were in focus, but now they have also developed a taste for fur, and we are pleased to cooperate with them and help the fur industry get going, Torben Nielsen says.