The passion of Lady Fur

11 December 2012Fashion & Lifestyle



If Samantha De Reviziis could grow her own fur, she probably would. She has a burning passion for the soft material and it started from the day she was born - literally. She has a vision, a blog and a new fur collection coming up.


It is not every day you see a girl wearing clip-on cat ears made of mink. It looks like an unusual creation, but the ears are also worn by an unusual girl. Samantha De Reviziis is a Torino-born fur aficionado, who runs the blog, It has become very popular within the fashion world of fur and had almost 9000 visitors last year.

Samantha blogs under the name Lady Fur, a character she made up, when she got the idea to start the blog. Today - a registered company. She blogs exclusively about fur and as far as she knows, it's the first of it is kind on the internet.

- I couldn't believe that no such blog existed, so I just decided to start up right away, and it has become a great success, says Samantha, who's working on her own fur collection at the moment.

Born with fur

Samantha was almost born with a fur coat on. From when she was an infant, her grandmother made sure she knew what fur really was. As a result, Samantha already knew the different furs from various animals at the age of 7.

- My grandmother had many different fur coats, and when I was young, she used to spread out her coats on the bed, and let me swim around in them. Then I had to tell her, if it was fox, mink or sable. I still remember it, Samantha says.

According to Samantha, most young people are misinformed about the fur industry and the animal welfare standards that are a part of it. One of the key objectives of the blog is to inform young people about the fur industry and the lifecycle of the fur, from animal to final product.

- It's very important to understand what you are wearing, no matter where it comes from. My grandmother told me to treat my fur coats like human beings. Therefore, my love for fur comes from respect for the animals. Fur is a gift from nature and we should use it with care and respect, she says.

On top of that, Samantha is a vegetarian. To some people that sounds like an odd combination for a fur aficionado, with a big collection of fur coats, but she considers it a personal choice, much like the choice of using fur, or not using fur. You should make that choice on an informed basis. Not on the basis of the media-made picture of the fur industry.

'We Are Animals'

The media made 'truth' is part of the reason why Samantha started working on her own fur collection. However, the urge to create is most important. Her debut collection is made entirely from a combination of leather and fur. The We Are Animals-collection uses the entire body of the animal to make sure nothing is wasted, including head, belly and tail.

The collection is inspired by her lifelong love for Japanese culture, history and living. It will shine through in the collection, she promises.

- I'm very much inspired by the cut of the kimono, and the young Japanese generation, so I think it appeals to young people with a rock soul.

The collection will consist of four fur coats, three hats and a variety of accessories, like the cat ears. Three coats are for women and one is unisex. The natural colours of the skins will be the main colours of the collection, contrasted with night black and violet.

Samantha is working hard to complete the new collection and she will not reveal more details or pictures, until the presentation in Milano, where you can go see it for yourself. The official launch will take place at the Milano Fashion Week in January.