Cold weather brings signs of positivity ahead of new season

11 December 2012Auction



The December auction is the first of five in the 2012/13 season. Positive indications create confident expectations in markets all over.


The first cold fronts of winter came early to the main markets of fur in China and Russia. This may have sparked a positive burst of energy into the entire fur business by encouraging customers to buy new fur.

450 customers are expected to gather in the auction room in Copenhagen, when Kopenhagen Fur starts the bidding at their December auction. Compared to the 300 guests at the December auction last year, this is an impressive increase in visitors.

Healthy business all over


CEO of Kopenhagen Fur, Torben Nielsen, has recently been traveling in Hong Kong and met with several key stakeholders of the fur industry. All of them reported high expectations of the forthcoming seasons.   

- It surprises me that our customers gives us such positive reports. But these reports are based on a number of good signs, which gives even further evidence to the good economy of the whole industry. The previous season came to a very positive end, and we see fur products switching hands at a very fast pace. The fast pace is caused by a healthy liquidity all over the supply chain, Torben Nielsen says.

The customers of Kopenhagen Fur report that there is a great demand among consumers, and the opening of new department stores selling furs indicates the possibility of further increase in sales.

An unpredictable future


The 2012/13 season kick off with three days of bidding for a total of 1.5 million mink skins. Traditionally, the December auction is the smallest of the season and this year is no exception.

Even though there are many positive indications across the markets, CEO of Kopenhagen Fur Torben Nielsen, points to the mandatory fact that one cannot predict the future of the fur industry.

- We are still realistic for the season as a whole. Neither we nor anybody else can predict the future or predict future prices at Kopenhagen Furs auctions. The price level at the December auction does not represent the entire season, whereas the February auction really put the prices to a test, Torben Nielsen says.

The Kopenhagen Fur December auction starts at Wednesday the 12th of December and ends at Friday the 14th of December.