Namibian Government changes breed name from karakul to swakara

24 April 2012Markets

Emneord Kopenhagen FurNamibiaSwakara

By New Year 2012 the government of Namibia has agreed to officially change the breed name of Namibian karakul sheep to swakara.

This has been requested by the swakara board of Namibia which for the last couple of years has worked strategically to ensure this change of name which is a great recognition that the Namibian farmers through hard work and upgrading in karakul breeding have changed the genotype of the karakul breed in Namibia successfully.


The new name emphasizes that skins from Namibian karakul breeders should be recognized for what they are - skins from sheep with characters that differ from the original karakul sheep. The swakara skin production is a very exclusive production with a limited number of skins per year. These skins are sold exclusively at Kopenhagen Fur's auctions twice a year, in April and September.

As a natural cause of the change of name, the name of the Karakul Breeders' Society has been changed to the swakara Breeders' Society and the Karakul Board of Namibia will be changed to the swakara Board of Namibia.