Kopenhagen Fur enters new field at CHIC 2012

2 April 2012Fashion & Lifestyle

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Kopenhagen Fur hosted a seminar for designers interested in working with fur on CHIC Fair 2012. The participants received valuable information about Kopenhagen Fur, fur qualities, trends & techniques, 'how to' knowledge on producing fur garments as well as an introduction to Swakara and its uses.


CHIC Fair (China's International Clothing & Accessories Fair )takes place at the same time as Beijing International Fashion Week and it is currently the largest fashion fair in Asia with more than 1000 national and international fashion brands present. Kopenhagen Fur held a seminar on the first day of the fair. "Fur is a complex material that requires specialized knowledge - both in terms of choosing the right type of fur in the right quality and finding trusted manufacturers for the production." Chris Cui, General Manager of the Kopenhagen Fur Beijing Office said. "You need to know about the limitations, but also the many opportunities, when working with fur. With this seminar, we hope to be able to help designers include fur in their designs."

The Kopenhagen Fur seminar exceeded all expectations. 45-50 people listened attentively to the speakers and a total of seven different media reported on the event. Influential media such as Sohu, China Textile and International Business Daily were amongst these. "It is a great pleasure to host a seminar and talk to so many interested people. The designers seemed particularly interested in getting more knowledge about the different mink fur qualities and what they can be used for. We made sure to bring samples so that they were able to feel the fur and its unique qualities themselves." Brand Manager Lise Okkels Hansen said.

Amongst the attendees at the seminar was Mr. Jian, designer of Orient Lady Fur. "Our business started with fashion collections only. Last year, we started including fur garments as we saw a lot of potential in the industry. The seminar has given us a lot of tools but also made us more aware of potential pitfalls. We will now go back home and carefully rethink how best to implement a fur strategy in our business."
For Kopenhagen Fur, the seminar was a success. "We have created new contacts and inspired designers to think in new ways about the uses of fur. Now, the designers know that our door is always open and that we are here to help them." Chris Cui said.