Inuit hunters marched against EU ban

2 May 2012Politics

Emneord Kopenhagen Fur

The Association of Fishermen and Hunters in Greenland, also known as KNAPK, did on the 1st of May demonstrate against a ban of fur sale in the Danish department store Magasin du Nord.


From the 1st may Magasin will no longer be selling any types of skin with hair. This I caused by an international policy launched by the owner of Magasin, english retailer and international owner of department stores Debenhams.

The trappers were also protesting against the EU import ban on sealskins - A ban which the Inuit hunters believe has destroyed the possibility of marketing the Greenlandic sealskins.

The demonstration gathered about 200 sympathizers and songs, speeches and banners, formed the setting for the event. The air was filled with the smell of spring and rebellion. The hunters were dressed in their traditional hunter uniform, and formed the vanguard of the protest, which, after the completion of the formal demonstration, headed for the 'fælledpark' - which is the main scene for the Danish Labour Day.