Iceland has eyes set on mink farming

25 April 2012Politics

Emneord Kopenhagen Fur

For the Icelandic government, mink farming is a focus area. Therefore, they hope to attract investment from foreign farmers to establish new farms in Iceland or simply settle in Iceland.


Isslandstofa is the name of an Icelandic state agency with the purpose of promoting Iceland and attract investors and thus go by the logical international name Invest in Iceland. Managing Director at Invest in Iceland, Thordur Hilmarsson, acknowledges the rising global demand for mink skins and the following high prices.

- We see mink farming as an area, where we in Iceland have the opportunity to create a competence cluster because of the great conditions for fur farming. Since the Danish mink breeders are the best measured in auction prices, we have of course turned to them first, Thordur Hilmarsson says.

Since early 2011, Invest in Iceland has been promoting the benefits of mink farming in Iceland to primarily Danish and Dutch farmers. Project Manager at Invest in Iceland, Einar Hansen Tómasson, underlines the dedication from the Icelandic government.

- This project is a marathon rather than a sprint. We expect growth for Icelandic mink farming for many years to come. Iceland offers attractive settings for mink farming along with low production costs, Einar Hansen Tómasson says.