A life of happiness for Ms Niu Weiwei

24 April 2012Fashion & Lifestyle


Back home in China, Ms Niu Weiwei was crowned the winner of Kopenhagen Fur's Miss Happiness competition. It has already changed the 19-year-old beauty and happiness queen's life.


- When the catwalk doors opened for the first time, it was like the doors opened to my new life.

These were the thoughts of Niu Weiwei, the winner of the Miss Happiness competition, just before her opening catwalk at the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Away from the podium, the smiling 19-year-old can be very unassuming.  Actually, she comes off as a bit shy. But that changes as soon as she gets on the catwalk. With steady feet and a proud appearance at Kopenhagen Fur's opening show she demonstrated why she won.

The Miss Happiness competition has changed her life significantly. She opened the Copenhagen Fashion Week 2012, and for a whole year she will be the official face of Kopenhagen Fur in China.

The competition changed everything

According to Niu Weiwei herself, the competition has given her some possibilities that Chinese girls normally only dream of. As a lonely child, it is very important for her to make her parents proud and she has praised the contest.

- Miss Happiness is the only one of its kind in China. It is fair to the bone, the organizers care for the girls and they keep their promises.

Weiwei says that she is honored by the opportunity she has been given through Kopenhagen Fur.

- I come from a very ordinary family. Thanks to the title I have been given a unique possibility to establish a career in modelling and this is already more than I could have hoped for.


Weiwei is important

Weiwei will be promoting Kopenhagen Fur on the Chinese market which is the largest buyer of fur skins from Kopenhagen Fur buying up to 80 percent. Sales Director of Kopenhagen Fur, Kenneth Loberg says.
- The Miss Happiness competition is a way to communicate Danish values to a large international market which is traditionally very materialistic. We also give the participants, especially the winner Ms Weiwei, something more than just the opportunity to win a competition.

The calmness of the country

First think Ms Weiwei noticed on her arrival was the calm atmosphere and the clean air.
- In China people are really busy and the air can be really heavy. People are calmer and seem less stressed in Denmark, says Ms Weiwei with a charming smile, before she continues:
- In Denmark everybody is riding bicycles just like people used to do in China. Unfortunately, the car has replaced many bicycles in China.

But it was not only the clean air and the bicycles that appealed to her. Besides showcasing the newest collections on the catwalk, while in Denmark, Weiwei was also given a grand tour of Kopenhagen Fur's facilities in Glostrup, to gain an understanding of the company she would be representing in the future.

- Before I participated in the competition I only knew Kopenhagen Fur as a consumer. I  now appreciate the hard work that goes in to creating a fur. The amount of fur at Kopenhagen Fur was inconceivable, and the sorting machinery was immensely impressive and sophisticated.

A planned visit to a fur farm was the only thing Ms Weiwei did not have time for. She had been looking forward to that but now she has planned to do it if she revisits Denmark sometime.

- I know that the animals live under proper conditions and that the animal welfare is very important on the farms, but I would have liked to see it with my own eyes.

When asked if she would like to continue working with Kopenhagen Fur, there is no doubt in her mind.
- I would love to continue working with Kopenhagen Fur - even when my obligations cease to continue.