8,000 guests attended open farm in Denmark

15 May 2012Fur farming

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On the 13th of May nine Danish mink farmers opened their farms to the public, so people could have a look inside the farms and see what fur farming really is about. Furthermore it gave the visitors a chance to see the new born mink kits.


In the past month, Danish mink farmers and Kopenhagen Fur have been running their 'transparency campaign' in an attempt to address the accusations put forth by various animal rights groups about the living conditions for mink on Danish farms.

As the name implies, the main theme of the campaign is transparency in mink production, and therefore nine farmers invited the public to their farms on Sunday the 13th of May.  Visitors had unrestricted access to the farms, where neighbouring farmers functioned as guides, and willingly answered any questions the visitors may have had. More than 8,000 people took a trip to their local mink farm, where the farmers had arranged everything from a hotdog stand to bouncing castles and pony rides.

During the month of May, the mink give birth to their kits and especially the visiting children found the 'little ones' interesting. Naturally the farms were visited by a lot of families with children.
Amongst the farmers who opened their doors to the public was Søren Kargo from the southern part of Denmark. When asked how the day had gone, he told us.

- It went very well. We had almost 800 visitors today, and I have only had positive responses.
The positive responses and happy visitors seems to be a tendency for the event in general, since all the open farms report a high number of visitors, who all were positive towards what they saw.