The travelling fur trade, a major consumer

23 November 2011Auction

Emneord Kopenhagen FurAuction


Five annual fur auctions generate almost 18,000 bed-nights at Copenhagen hotels in Denmark, and the food consumption at Kopenhagen Fur adds up to 45 metric tons a year.


It certainly makes a strong impression when the international fur businesses meet at fur auctions all over the world. Despite being a relatively small global industry, the travelling fur community contributes quite a lot to local economies.

In Copenhagen, fur buyers attending the five annual auctions account for almost 17,900 bed-nights, boosting economies in Copenhagen businesses. The figure is based on the estimate that 550 customers each spend 6.5 nights on average in Copenhagen during each of the five annual auctions, including the inspections. The Chinese customers account for 11,400 bed-nights alone, representing 20 percent of the 57,000 annual Chinese bed-nights. Such numbers make an impact on Copenhagen businesses.

- We observe far more Chinese guests than usual when there is a fur auction. In general, there is an increase in Chinese visitors, but it is rarely as concentrated as during the fur auctions, says Erik Jensen, Operations Manager at Casino Copenhagen.

According to Senior Consultant Christian Ørsted Brandt from the national Danish tourist organisation VisitDenmark, business tourists are more attractive than holiday tourists because they spend twice the amount of money when in town. Official figures state that business tourists spend approximately 2,000 DKK per day (370 USD).

Although Copenhagen restaurants are certainly visited by the fur customers, a considerable amount of food is consumed at the auction house. At times as much as 2,000 covers are handled three times a day. The average number, however, is closer to 1,500 covers which includes fur breeders and other auction guests.

- There are enormous logistics to be solved as regards the meals for all the guests who visits the fur auctions. It requires a huge amount of food, says Mads Præstmark, Kopenhagen Fur's Chef.

Thus food consumption during an auction adds up to 9 metric tons of food, served at up to five different in-house locations. This includes 750 kilos of fish, 250 kilos of cheese and 480 kilos of meat. It also includes 200 boxes of cherries and 100 boxes of strawberries, while those with a sweet tooth may revel in 50 kilos of chocolate among other things. The whole thing can be washed down with some 400 litres of freshly squeezed fruit juice or 3,600 litres of mineral water.

- It is noisy, stressful and a great challenge - especially because the composition of guests is so diverse. We had guests from five different continents in September, says Mads Præstmark.