New coorporation to secure knowledge sharing

23 November 2011Fashion & Lifestyle

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Kopenhagen Fur has established a partnership with Dansk Fashion & Textile and Danish Jewellers Association which will result in an innovation centre in Copenhagen.

It has been in the making for a while but now is the right time for an innovation centre. Kopenhagen Fur, Dansk Fashion & Textile and Danish Jewellers Association have gone together in a collaboration to create this innovation centre.

-Companies used to be quite isolated and closed. But we have to be open for knowledge sharing. The companies are ready for it and that's why we have established the collaboration now, says the Managing Director of Danish Jewellers Association, Christoffer Ritzau.

We can use each other

All three companies have high hopes for the innovation centre. They hope that the synergy between the companies will develop through the collaboration.
-We want to create a Silicon Valley for fashion but in Copenhagen, says Torben Nielsen, Managing Director at Kopenhagen Fur.

-It gives us a possibility to support the industries. We will get better tools and facilities to strengthen the companies. We can use each others skills, says Preben W. Friis, Managing Director of Dansk Fashion & Textile. Christoffer Ritzau agrees.
-We all have different experience we can share. In this kind of collaboration we can draw from these experiences in order to develop and test new techniques, he says.

Want to attract international companies

Kopenhagen Fur, Dansk Fashion & Textile and Danish Jewellers Association also hope that the innovation centre will attract foreign companies to Denmark.
-We hope it will attract international companies, especially Chinese companies. We think the innovation centre could be a gateway to the rest of Europe for the Chinese companies, says Torben Nielsen.

-We definitely have to work with companies from other countries. It's a very important element, says Preben W. Friis.

Kopenhagen Fur, Dansk Fashion & Textile and Danish Jewellers Association hope the innovation centre will open in time for Copenhagen Fashion Week in February.