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4 November 2011Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord Kopenhagen FurMiss Happiness

At the start of yet another beautiful fur season in China, the most exciting marketing campaign for Kopenhagen Fur and its partners sets sail.


For the first time ever, an auction fur house is running a nation-wide model competition in China. Throughout the competition, Kopenhagen Fur will not only help its retail partners market their products, it will also promote Danish values and Danish happiness. Furthermore, it hopes to find a happy spokesperson for Kopenhagen Fur for the Chinese market. During October, Ms. Happiness Competition first-round selections have taken place across China.

Fur lovers in China will be able to participate in and witness the progress of the competition. So far, the first round Ms. Happiness selection has taken place in Harbin, Chang Chun, Shenyang, Dalian and Tai Yuan with Beijing and Shanghai to follow in the coming weekends. At each round, 20 Ms. Happiness contestants will pave their way to the Regional Final. So far, the top 20 has been found within a competitive field of more than 100 Ms. Happiness candidates in each city.

During the four-month campaign, it is Kopenhagen Fur's mission to be a carrier of happiness from Denmark to China via its beautiful fur. Kopenhagen Fur started the Ms. Happiness competition to find a happy spokesperson and model for the company for the 2012/2013 season. The winner will be granted a 150,000RMB (before tax) cash prize as well as a happy week in Copenhagen. Furthermore, she will function as a Kopenhagen Fur spokesperson in China.

On 8th of October, candidates of different ages, different background, and different professions all gathered at KC Fur's newest Fur Experience Center for the Ms. Happiness Competition in Harbin. Being the only official cooperation partner in Hei Long Jiang Province, KC Fur had prepared a cozy and happy environment for all the candidates. At each round, the candidates receive a thorough introduction about the relationship between Denmark, Happiness and Kopenhagen Fur. In Harbin, the introduction was carried out by Business Consular Mr. Jesper Kamp from the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing. He revealed the secret recipe for Danish happiness and provided the contestants with an introduction to Kopenhagen Fur's work. Denmark, the land of fairytales, left a clear and strong remark on the contestants' minds - the key words being "Happiness" and "Fur". On the runway, all candidates had the opportunity to share their thoughts and feeling about happiness with the panel. Many contestants used their beautiful voices and touching stories to enlighten everybody on their own view of happiness.

The highlight of the day was a group of middle-aged ladies. They came, not really to win the title, but to show off their happy life and share their happy philosophy. "When I was young, I lived for my family and my children and I had to do things that I do not like for the sake of family responsibility. Now, my children are enjoying their successful lives and I can finally listen to my own heart" said 61-year-old Mrs. Zhang Guizhen. "I am now a member of the Lan Bo Model Team for people retired. I enjoy being on the catwalk to receive the applause from the audience. I would like to thank Kopenhagen Fur for the opportunity to share my happiness with others and get to know more about the fur happiness that I have actually been enjoying for quite some years myself."


The Harbin Movie Channel witnessed the successful start of the first round selection in Harbin. The 20 contestants that qualified for the Regional Final had beautiful photos taken. They all wore creative fur styles from Kopenhagen Studio and this season's new collection from KC Fur. The contestants are now ready for online voting on the Ms. Happiness website. They look forward to joining the next Regional Final to compete for the three spots available to represent Harbin in the National Grand Final which is to take place in Beijing on January 11.

"It is far beyond our expectations to have so many people interested and taking part in the campaign. The influence generated spreads out to both existing fur buyers and potential fur lovers. The campaign is a great way to promote our new high-end fur experience center here in Harbin. We just decided that we would like to invite a few of the elderly charming ladies to do a photo shoot for one of our own sales promotions themed around "Happiness with Golden Marriage", said Assistant Director, Mr. Dong Xusheng, who was also one of the three judges for the day.

In the city of Shenyang, the most successful campaign so far took place. No less than 192 girls came to share their happiness with Kopenhagen Fur. Lin Yanchen did not only impress the judges with her beauty. She also did beautiful calligraphy with wishes for happiness and good luck for Kopenhagen Fur and the Ms. Happiness Competition.

In Taiyuan, Bao Nana astonished everyone. She had composed her own piece of music to which she performed a dance choreography made by herself. She also made everyone smile when she revealed her English name: 'Banana'. In this way, beautiful and happy girls have astounded and entertained the judges and the audience at all of the first round Ms. Happiness selections.

The campaign has been received with great interest in all cities. Marketing Manager Chris Cui of Kopenhagen Fur: "So far, the number of participants in each city has exceeded our expectations. We are also very happy to see that the participants are not only very happy. They all have different ways of expressing their feeling of happiness."

In the coming months, the Miss Happiness competition will continue with first round selections in Beijing and Shanghai. After that, Kopenhagen Fur and the Ms. Happiness competition will visit all cities one more time to host the Regional Finals and select the top three contenders who will enter the Grand Finale in Beijing.

The Ms. Happiness competition has its own website (only in Chinese) where it is possible to follow the competition, watch videos and get updates from each of the selection rounds.

Please follow the link: www.xingfudaiyanren.com