Kopenhagen Fur supports Top Lot Buyer

1 June 2011Fashion & Lifestyle

Emneord Top lotChina

Beijing Witty Fur has experienced fast growth in recent years. Recently the fur company staged a fashion show for over 200 guests with support from Kopenhagen Fur.


Group photo Anne

Show piece Anne ChinaThe owner Ms. Anne Sun has been in the fur business for more than 25 years, and is motivated by the dream to make a fur coat for every Chinese woman. She established company 10 years ago and produced fur for fashion companies. Today it still includes a handful of big-name Chinese fashion companies as customers, but it has also set out to build its own fur brands through retail presence. For marketing purpose, Anne bought the top lot at the Kopenhagen Fur April auction.


The fashion show displayed high-quality styles made mostly with Danish mink skins. Anne said in her opening speech:

- I particularly want to thank Kopenhagen Fur for its great support. Kopenhagen Fur not only supplies the best quality skins, but also gives Witty Fur opportunities for co-branding events.

According to Anne, her customers have accepted the new price level, and business looks good. She plans to open 50 shops by 2015.

Kenneth Loberg, sales director at Kopenhagen Fur, said in his speech:

- Anne wants perfection. She wants to buy the best quality skins at the auction, and she wants to create the best styles for her shops. We at Kopenhagen Fur are honoured to work with such a good customer like her.