Kopenhagen Fur aids children with chronic disease

6 January 2011Politics

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Wing Ding

Supporting a great cause, Kopenhagen Fur has decided to support the charity campaign Operation Santa Claus. The aid is specifically given to a project for children suffering from paediatric rheumatism.

The link between Kopenhagen Fur and Operation Santa Claus is a charity squash tournament called Wing Ding organized by Mr Timothy Everest, Managing Director at Cyril Murkin in Hong Kong. Operation Santa Claus is an annual charity campaign jointly organized by South China Morning Post (SCMP) and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK). Its aim is to support the Hong Kong community and South China.

This Christmas, the annual Wing Ding Squash Tournament and other events was able to raise approximately 1.1 million HKD for Operation Santa Claus. About half of this amount is raised from various contributors from different parts of the fur industry. This year, Kopenhagen Fur decided to support Operation Santa Claus with 60.000 HKD through Wing Ding. Therefore, an important task fell on Timothy Everest.

- Kopenhagen Fur was very eager to give their aid a human face through a donation for a specific project. For me, this shows me a sincere wish to really help people in need, Timothy Everest says.

The choice fell on Hong Kong Paediatric Rheumatism Association. In December, Sales Director at Kopenhagen Fur, Mr Kenneth Loberg, visited Dr Lee Tsz Leung together with Timothy Everest at Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong to learn more about the disease and the work being done to help the children suffering from it.

- I was made aware of the lack of knowledge concerning this disease and the huge impact it has on the lives on the children as well as their families. Dr Lee and his staff work tireless to ease their anguishes, and we wish to support their effort, Kenneth Loberg says.

In time, he hopes to meet some of the children in Hong Kong and South China, who will benefit from the donation from Kopenhagen Fur.

- It would be a great joy to learn at first hand that our contribution has put more smiles on these children's faces, Kenneth Loberg says.


Paediatric Rheumatism is disease caused by an overactive immune system that can affect not only the body's joints, muscles, skin but also other important organs like the kidney and the brain. It can be hard to diagnose at an early stage and even harder for children to explain the pains it induces. The aid from Kopenhagen Fur's contribution will help the children to come to terms with their disease through therapy and rehabilitation and medicin to ease living with this incurable disease. Also, there will be produced material for the families to cope a life with a diseased child.