TV: PETA uses actor to deceive journalists

19 November 2010Animal welfare

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The radical animal rights organisation PETA has been caught in deceiving the public, including several journalists, at anti-fur demonstrations in the Netherlands. The unveiling was made by a Dutch TV journalist who became suspicious when he covered a PETA anti-fur demonstration in Amsterdam.


It turns out that PETA apparently hires an actor to act as a passerby who 'coincidentally' comes by the PETA demonstration. It is a classic PETA scene where a woman wearing a fur coat smeared in with red dye is held in a cage. The scene serves to illustrate that domesticated fur animals live terrible lifes. That is exactly what the PETA actor 'discovers' when he enters the scene.

- Yes, it is real fur, for that reason I offer my excuses now. I don't mean it like that. I am going to get rid of this coat because of the animals, the man says to the camera.

However, the journalist gets suspicious because PETA's activist seize the opportunity in front of the camera and through the journalist asks the passerby if he was "informed about any of this" in advance. The actor says he just happened to come by and that he now understands how an animal in a cage lives and that he is really affected by it.

The journalist investigates the matter, and it turns out that the same pedestrian has appeared on at least two other public demonstrations. He is found in a the photo database of a photo agency and on top of that the same man has been broadcasted at tv station Avro 5 where he says exactly the same things.

The journalist is interviewed by a host and they agree that PETA apparently hired an actor:

- This is an actor and everybody hired by PETA and everybody is fooled, the host say.

- Yes, that is what I think too. It does look very much as if it is all in the script, the journalist says.

See the programme on Dutch TV (6.55 min. into the clip)


Presenter 1:  Animal rights campaigner PETA likes to be a bit shocking, because after all  in times of war everything is allowed. And they are at war, with the fur industry no less.  As a result the whole circus landed on the Dam in Amsterdam in order to protest against fur with a woman in a cage who was wearing a fur coat smeared with blood. If that does not get people thinking nothing will.

Song:  a second-hand coat, a second-hand coat

Woman: PETA wants to visualise what it is like to be an animal in a fur farm.

Woman in cage: this is real fur

Int: but you are against fur, how can you wear real fur then?

Woman in cage: PETA gets many donations of fur coats from people who don't want a fur coat anymore

Int: is that real fur

Person: no, it is not

Int: That is a good job

Person: You sounded a bit threatening there

Int: Did I?

Person: that is how interpreted it, so in the sense of, 'It is a good job that I did not have a real fur coat', if I had had a real fur coat, what would have happened to me?

Int: no, but I don't do anything about it. But one says  'What a good job' because you have sympathy for the poor animals?

Person: Oh, ok, if that is what you mean. Well, that is fine.

Int: I won't do anything bad to you, really.

Person: no, no

Int : is that real fur?

Person: Yes, it is real fur, for that reason I offer my excuses now. I don't mean it like that. I am going to get rid of this coat because of the animals.

Int: He promised us that he will give his coat away. Give each other a hug then.

Presenter: Oh Daan, isn't that lovely. Splendid. But quite seriously, that boy with the fur collar. But quite seriously, that boy with the fur collar who suddenly, when seeing a woman in a cage, thinks: you know what, I am going to get rid of this fur collar. A little bit naïve, isn't it.

Daan: It would be so nice, and yet. And yet, the young people, there is still some hope; that boy turns out to be a great animal lover. At least that is what I would like to think; but there are a number of reasons why I started to doubt it and one of the reasons was that the woman who organised this demonstration, she went up to the boy and asked him the following question.

Person: Can I ask him a question.

Int: Of course

Person PETA: I want to know if he wasn't informed about any of this before he saw us here today, right.

Person: No, no, I did not know that they were here, I was meeting someone in this area  at  about half past ten. Before than and after that, I cycled here and then I saw that they were doing something with that cage etc. Yes, it really affected me, now I understand how such an animal in a cage is taken and how it is put down.

Int: Shall we just  give his fur coat to the lady? Right now?

Person: no, if we do that my mother will, euh, she will ask where my fur coat is. I'll explain it when I get home.

Presenter: OK, so that lady will go up to the boy and says, like 'we don't know each other at all, do we'.

Daan: It does look very much as if it is all in the script. He says again: I was meeting someone around here at half past ten', well, we were there at about half past ten and he keeps hanging about for ten minutes and keeps watching the cage.

Presenter 1: Daan, Daan, stop just look at this  AMP photo.

Daan: Yes, it would be so nice.

Presenter 1: there is that same boy again too

Presenter: I would be tempted to say  'it is an actor'.

Daan: Indeed and then he also turns up at Avro 5 and then he says exactly the same thing he said to us, but a bit more dramatically and theatrically.

Person: I just happened to cycle past, I had to be at an address and I got there and that woman, she erm, caught my attention, so to speak. I thought there is something going on there or something like that and I thought 'fur is fur' and therefore I had not expected that animals had to be killed to get fur.

Int: What are you going to do with that coat?

Person: As soon as I get home I shall get rid of it, I shall put it in the dustbin, bur first my mother will have to see it, because otherwise she will make trouble and say 'what have you done with your coat?'.

Int: Yes, yes.

Person: I did not know that it would be so bad.

Daan: Oh, Isn't that nice.

Presenter:  How fast he may run, the truth will soon catch up with him. This is an actor, hired by PETA and everybody is fooled.

Daan: Yes, that is what I think too, but he is a very good actor; the hairdo is right, the speech impediment, all  very authentic, so, if the actor himself is watching or if people know this actor, then get in touch with us and then we will be able to give him a very nice coat - with a fake fur collar.

Presenter1: ok. Thank you.