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Kopenhagen Nexus

Kopenhagen Nexus is the part of KiCK that is in charge of collaborations with commercial fashion and interior companies.

Kopenhagen Nexus has the following focus area: 

Brand collaborations

Kopenhagen Nexus is intended primarily for companies with no or limited experience in the use of quality fur as a material in their commercial collections with the aim of making fur more accessible to consumers. The products can be fur-fashion, where fur is used together with other quality materials, as well as accessories and fur only products.  The creative development is carried out in close cooperation with Kopenhagen Studio's design team.  Nexus also makes Kopenhagen Fur's entire network of talented European and Asian manufacturers available for the partners.  Nexus is responsible for the hole or a part of the project management in order to ensure a smooth process.  At the end of the process, the fur collection is sold through the brand's distribution network, and the partner may choose to have the collection co-branded and marketed with Kopenhagen Fur as the supplier of the quality fur.  

Through these collaborations, where fashion and textile designers meet furriers' traditional workmanship, new and innovative products are often created that help to grow the creative industries of fashion, fur, textiles and interior.

Nexus was established in 2013 and first collaboration was signed with the Danish fashion brand Day Birger et Mikkelsen. Since then, the brand portfolio has expanded to include a wide range of European and Asian fashion companies.


For further information, please contact Nexus using the e-mail nexus@kopenhagenfur.com


Fredericiagade 21
DK-1310 København K

Contact person in Nexus:

Julie M. Iversen - Head of Nexus
E-mail: jmi@kopenhagenfur.com
Mobile: +45 22 68 09 74

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 8:30 to 16.00 or by appointment.