The mink is a predator belonging to the marten family. The male mink is about 45 centimetres long with a tail of an additional 20 centimetres. The female is somewhat smaller. Quality mink skins are soft and glossy with full and thick fur.

Mink fur consists of two types of hair: underfur and guard hair. The underfur is the shorter hairs at the base of the fur, while the guard hairs are the longer hairs covering the underfur. A high quality mink fur has lush, thick underfur and equal, lustrous guard hair.

Mink skins are available in a wide range of colours. There are more than 25 different natural colours varying from the clearest white to the darkest black. Moreover, new techniques have given tanners the opportunity to dye fur into all colours imaginable.

You can see the many different colour types in this pdf