Certified to handle the world's finest fur

A number of fur retailers have been classified as "Kopenhagen Fur Certified Boutiques". The classification means that these retailers are engaged in a partnership with Kopenhagen Fur aimed at improving their services to the consumer.

The staff from a Kopenhagen Fur Certified Boutique undergoes training from the Kopenhagen Fur Retail Academy. The training sessions involve learning Kopenhagen Fur's brand values, labelling system and fur qualities, as well as general knowledge about fur skins, sales techniques and fashion trends. Retailers participating in the Kopenhagen Fur Certified Boutique programme are offered marketing materials and presentations showing the latest in fur fashion. In addition, the academy provides qualified guidance to the sales staff. Upon completion of the training programme, the participants are presented with a diploma.

These initiatives are designed to enhance the experience of customers visiting a Kopenhagen Fur Certified Boutique.

The Certified Boutiques concept was established by Kopenhagen Fur in China in 2007 and is steadily spreading to other parts of the world.